Saturday Night Podcast – La La Land, Dating, Hot Dads

Grab a glass of wine, cuz it’s a boozy episode of Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls.

We’re talking about movies this week – La La Land, Allied and Hidden Figures. Worth the hype?

We’re also sharing a LITTLE too much when it comes to past relationships, sex, and other people’s dads.

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Oscar Fashion: The Best Dressed from the 89th Annual Academy Awards

The 89th Annual Academy Awards were held last night, and some rich creative types received gold plated statues, while other rich creative types cheered in expensive gowns.

Although we’ll be talking about the entire Oscar broadcast on Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls Podcast, I thought I’d share my favourite looks from the red carpet!

Emma Roberts in vintage Armani

Chanel Oberlin FTW.

This was my favourite black and white look of the night, with Emma Roberts giving serious Jessica Rabbit vibes with her newly dyed hair.  It’s Old Hollywood glam meets Young Hollywood It-Girl!



Viola Davis in Armani Privé

From the moment she stepped onto the red carpet last night, Viola Davis won. Head-to-toe perfection. The colour and her make-up were the best of the night. With this dress, you don’t need much fuss, and the interesting neckline was just enough to make this a timeless look.

She won on the carpet. She won on the stage. She WINS. Congratulations, Viola!

V Davis 1.jpg


Dakota Johnson in Gucci

Before we begin, let’s decapitate this look and completely ignore Dakota’s hair, because I know – it’s bad. It’s a little Arwen from Lord of the Rings, but still. I have to mention this dress because it’s a show stopper. It’s not for everyone, and I know people will either love it or hate it, but I thought it was a throw-back dress and beautiful. I would be sweating through the satin, but Johnson looks like a time-traveling goddess.


Amy Adams in Tom Ford

If Tom Ford told me to get a bowl cut, I would do it. That’s how much I love Tom Ford.

All Awards Season, Amy Adams has been dressed almost exclusively by Ford who directed her in Nocturnal Animals. Although she wasn’t nominated, Adams stunned in her silver gown as a presenter.  Probably my favourite look of the entire night. Yes PLEASE, Tom Ford!


Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé

There are very few people in Hollywood who I fan-girl for. To me, Nicole Kidman is a movie star, and I 100% believe she’s a red carpet icon. Last night might not go down as her best or most memorable look of all time, but in a sea of basic-ness she arose like a god-damn goddess. That lip and the rubies? Perfection.










Britney Ever After, Big Little Lies, Pink Shirt Day & More!

This week we’re back on the vino and speaking our truths.

Having just finished watching the first episode of the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, we’ve got a lot to say. Were we underwhelmed? A little. HBO means you bring your A-game.

However, in comparison to what we watched next, Big Little Lies deserves all the accolades. Lifetime’s Britney Spears biopic Britney Ever After was a hotter mess than Britney’s Gimme More VMA performance. Don’t get us wrong, Britney holds a sacred place in our hearts, but what Lifetime did was an insult to her legacy.

God bless the actors for trying. You tried. I hope you were paid handsomely for your performances.

We’re also getting real about bullying in honour of Pink Shirt Day and how our experiences as kids effects us to this day.

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Is Beyoncé Overrated?

Don’t hate us.

Actually, if I cared about Beyonce as much as some people do I would hate me, too.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. I do. I just sometimes think she’s a bit…self-indulgent.

We’re diving in to Queen Bey and the Grammy’s on this week’s episode of Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls.

The Vulnerable Feminist: Why The Trump Administration Has Me Living In Fear

Truth time:

It has been incredibly difficult to make sense of the Trump administration and wrangle my anxieties for what’s next for the United States and the rest of the world.

As a Canadian, I’ve been focusing my energies back to the home front and looking to our Prime Minister for guidance.


This week on our podcast, Krissy indulged my fears and let me go off about the Women’s March and the new dude in the White House.

As a feminist, I’m incredibly moved to see the outpouring of support for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and reproductive rights at last Saturday’s Women’s March. I’m trying hard not to let my anger overshadow the positive, and have faith that good will prevail, but it’s tough.

It’s tough because I work in a male dominated industry and feel for myself that women are still not considered equal.

It’s tough because my news-feed is inundated with reports of the new President taking women’s rights and human rights back fifty years.

When we live in a world where Nazi’s and white supremacists feel empowered enough to spread their hate speech on television and hold positions of influence in government, it’s hard not to let your mind wander as to where this world is going. Has nobody opened a History textbook? Do they not see where control over the media, a rise to power that capitalizes on hate, fear and poverty will take the country? Does none of this sound familiar?

I would like to believe that the millions of people who voted for Trump aren’t in full support of his regime, and have valid, personal reasons for their decision to support him (not rooted in hate), but I’m worried for the country and the world as a whole. The vision of the United States is exclusive, and the promise for a better future has stipulations based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and Trump’s vision has severe consequences for the environment.

I’m waiting with baited breath to see if a new leader will emerge to help calm these fears, but I’m through living on just hope without action.The time for dismissing my fears for the future as impossible because they exist outside the realm of common sense is over. Everyday we are a pen stroke away from having the rights and freedoms of American citizens taken away. I can’t go back to my Canadian bubble and focus on my self, and my career, my family, when injustices are happening in the country which is home to people I love and care about.

I’m strong in my beliefs, but I’ve been restless since the inauguration.

What will it take for everyone to be concerned?

We talk about these things and more (including some pop culture news) on this week’s episode of Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls. Please listen and share.

This is a positive/safe space, where we can openly discuss our views, so please, if you choose to share your views and feelings, do so in a respectful manner.

I am PRO-dialogue to see where we can bridge our differences, and better understand one another.

Ladies love diamonds, selfies, breakup playlists and The Bachelor recap!

Today we’re talking about wedding nightmares, why you should never order expensive cocktails on an empty stomach, the taboo of a selfie in public, the saddest songs in the world, and even delve into some serious talk (re: That Guy becoming President of the United States, Body Issues etc…)
As always, there’s a Bachelor Recap about Corrine’s art of seduction, why the Backstreet Boys are better than any other boy band (we’ll fight you) and why Pool Parties are a far cry from t-shirts over one piece swimsuits.


Episode 4: Golden Globes, Disney and The Bachelor

This week on Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls, Krissy is back in the “studio” to talk Golden Globes fashion, her dreams of a fridge full of olives and allows me to talk uninterrupted about the Bachelor.

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Here’s me reaching desperately for Chip and Dale in Disney World. Please note : They did not blow me a kiss, or high five me.