Who will be the next Bachelor Canada?

Casting has begun for the third season of the Bachelor Canada, but at this time, the lucky guy who gets to wrangle 25 pinot grigio fueled women has yet to be determined!

Are you looking to sign up?  Head over to the W Network to apply.

Be prepared to give your best pageant answers to find love, your weight and height and what you’re looking for in your ideal partner. Just in case you were wondering, “hot and doesn’t live in Winnipeg” is a valid answer.

We jest, Winnipeg. We slightly jest.

Our fingers are crossed that Mike Ogilvie, the paramedic/firefighter from the Peg is next Bachelor Canada (see our open letter to Bachelor Producers here). Unlike his predecessors, Mike would be the first Bachelor Canada to have an actual job.

I love you Brad and whoever the second guy was, but Mike looks like he has his RRSP’s in order. Once we hit 65 we can live out my travel fantasies of touring Civil War sites in a Winnebago and get that pension money to fund our trip! Dreams can come true, guys.

From Mike’s Instagram 
Mike’s good looking, seems funny (I technically don’t hear anything he says I just stare), loves dogs, small children and exercise, can reach things on high shelves, looks like he can remodel a kitchen on his own, and has his side passion projects so that it’s not all work, no play, blah blah blah PTSD.

Sure, you would have to spend your Friday nights at a bar watching his band, but that’s why alcohol was invented.

Who else could potentially be Bachelor Canada?

Kyle Andrew – The cat loving model and entrepreneur from my hometown of Hamilton made a big impression with the ladies.Sure, it’s unknown whether at 6″7 he’s dealing with a pituitary gland tumor that makes him Tony Robbins levels of giant, but all that means is he’s got a larger than average…capacity to love.

Kyle Andrew.PNG
From Kyle’s Instagram 
Brad Smith 2.0 – Ah, a girl can dream. We’re unsure what Brad’s current relationship status is, but why not give finding love on TV another go? Brad’s funny, humble, and hates working out. Ladies, that’s basically the date-able trifecta right there. It’s a long shot but hey, Trump’s going to be President so anything can happen.

Brad Smith.PNG
Photo Source 
A Newb – Maybe the Bachelor Canada producers are going to cast fresh meat for the third season. It would be a gamble, given that there’s already a built in fan base for the previous Bachelorette Canada contestants, but it could just pay off if they find someone with a sensitive side and charisma to boot.

Who do you want to see as Bachelor?



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