The Bachelorette Canada: Jasmine and Kevin break their silence

I was going to wait until the beautiful mumbler, Nick Viall, made his debut as Bachelor to blog, but last night’s interview with Bachelorette Canada couple, Jasmine and Kevin, was too good to stay silent.

I’m coming out of retirement like Michael Jordan to muse on the latest news about our favourite flaxen haired Bachelorette, Jasmine, and her betrothed who broke their silence on ET Canada with Roz Weston.

Here’s the gist of their first interview since the After the Final Rose special aired:

Yes, They’re still engaged

No, they never broke up

Kevin’s hair is still a work in progress

Social media can be vicious


Click here to watch the ET Canada interview. Come back and we’ll discuss.

*Cracks knuckles*

Firstly, I’m glad Jasmine and Kevin have resurfaced after what seemed like an ETERNITY away from social media. In reality, it was only a week, and the couple said they needed to decompress from the show and have some one on one time. It seems that the overwhelming social media interest and criticism was at times, too much for the newly engaged couple.

I get it. I do. I cried the first time someone trolled me online and I’m just a cat-loving, sweat pants wearing nobody. I can imagine the scrutiny can cut like a knife and no amount of replaying Taylor Swift’s “Mean” on a loop or puppy videos on YouTube can cure that level of sadness.


However, attention comes with being on a TV show. Sure, you still have a right to your privacy, but once you sign up to have your romantic life broadcast as entertainment, you have to know that your every move will be discussed, applauded and at times, criticized by fans of the franchise who sometimes forget the “reality stars” are people, too.

I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. I’ve debated blogging about Bachelorette Canada because there seems to be a “too close to home” aspect about the show. Would I have the same thoughts about the OG Bach franchise in the States?

Absolutely not.

It takes a certain kind of person with a particular type of confidence to put yourself out there in the entertainment industry. Maybe fans assume (and you know what they say about assuming) that Jasmine’s confidence was bulletproof and no amount of online trolling would get under her skin.

I feel bad for Jasmine in the sense that, unlike many Bachelor/Bachelorettes, her finale didn’t seem to be a celebration of her “journey.” Instead, it was an awkward, emotional rehashing of a relationship that had no future.

The PR pro in me wishes they had done interviews to redirect the narrative back onto their relationship and their future, but I also get that these are real people, in a brand new situation, who probably have no idea what they’re doing or what to do next.


I’m glad Jasmine and Kevin are enjoying their time as boyfriend/girlfriend and I hope they can adjust to some new kind of normal.

Here’s my unsolicited advice:

Pimp the hair gummy vitamins

Start a blog

Make as much money as you can and milk this cow dry

Be kind to your fans

Ignore the haters

Enjoy each other as much as possible!


I absolutely LOVED this season of Bachelorette Canada and am so excited that they announced casting for the Bachelor Canada will begin December 1st. Still no word on who the new Bachelor will be…



Ok. I’m crawling back into my cave until Jan. 2nd.

Congratulations Jasmine & Kevin!



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