The Bachelorette Canada: Mikhel moves on but are Jasmine and Kevin still together?

He was the runner-up on the first season of Bachelorette Canada and the most beloved contestant of the season, but Mikhel Sickand is heartbroken no more!

Mikhel has officially moved on!

After a heartbreaking finale and After the Final Rose that left some fans (including myself) wondering if we were going to see Jasmine Lorimer pull a Mesnick and go back to Mikhel,  Mikhel confirmed in a radio interview with Kiss 92.5 that he has a new lady in his life.

It seems that the lucky lady is Stephanie Laforest! The two spent the weekend at the CFL Grey Cup #makingmemories together.

Source Instagram


If I judge based solely on her Instagram, Stephanie is a brunette beauty, with off the charts photog skills (seriously, I’m jealous) who does some serious globe trotting!

All we need to know is that if Mikhel likes her, the Mikhel Fan Club likes her!

This next part is PURE speculation but… Guess who was finally spotted together?

Jasmine and Kevin!

A fan posted a pic with the couple who’s been laying low since the Bachelorette Finale and AFR special.


I tried to zoom in on that lanyard to see if it’s from the CFL Grey Cup but my skills or my eyes are far from perfect.

I admit, I’m a creep.


Could they be working things out?

Dating on television seems abnormal but oh so entertaining. Add to that SIX months of being long distance and undercover, it’s no wonder the pair has had it’s issues.

Source – Bachelorette Fan Forum

It’s probably not easy being thrust into the public eye, and having die-hard fans like myself speculate every social media move, but dem’s the breaks!

Here’s hoping Jasmine, Kevin and Mikhel are all happy!

I’m officially retiring my coverage of Bachelorette Canada for the season and taking a break until the Big Kahuna, Nick Viall in 2017!





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