Bachelorette Canada Finale: Is Jasmine going to pull a Mesnick?

Mesnick (mez-nih-ck): verb

The uncomfortable and cringe-worthy act of changing one’s mind about a romantic partner when caught in a love triangle. Originally coined in 2008 when Jason Mesnick, of The Bachelor franchise fame, famously broke up with his fiancé Melissa, because he was in love with runner-up, Molly.

Last night the finale of the Bachelorette Canada aired on the W Network with Jasmine Lorimer, the B.C based bombshell, being carried off into the sunset with her new fiance, Kevin Wendt.

Jasime and Kevin Source

It should have been a happy moment for the couple, who have been keeping their relationship under wraps for the past six months. However, there were obvious signs that there was trouble in paradise, and many people are wondering if Jasmine is having second thoughts about her decision to say goodbye to runner up Mikhel Sickand .

The high I felt after Kevin slipped a ring on Jasmine’s finger quickly disappeared when a visibly upset Jasmine declared she still had feelings for Mikhel on the After Show.

Of course you have feelings for Mikhel, Jasmine. WE ALL have feelings for Mikhel!

In what was the most uncomfortable half hour of television. Kevin seemed like he was trying to put on a brave front and canoodle his girl, but Jasmine was as cold as a Winnipeg morning. Jasmine even went so far as to admit she and Kevin have had several issues since becoming engaged.

Meh, maybe it was just normal couple stuff, right?

Maybe not.

This morning it was announced that Jasmine and Kevin have cancelled their scheduled interviews. It doesn’t look good, kids. It doesn’t look good at all.


Methinks the Bachelor curse has taken hold of these two good looking Canucks and it’ll be Tinder-City for Kevin on Christmas and New Years.Can someone please reach out to his mom for comment? We need boots on the ground. I need to know what’s going on with these people I’ve been emotionally invested in for close to two months!

We’ve all made mistakes. I sincerely enjoyed Jasmine as the Bachelorette. I’m not mad at her at all or judging her for her choice in Kevin over Mikhel – I saw the chemistry between them. It was undeniable.

Could it really be over already for Jasmine and Kevin?

Could Jasmine and Mikhel: The Remix be a thing?

I hope that Jasmine is surrounded by some good girlfriends, eating chocolate, watching Gilmore Girls and letting herself wallow in what has to be a confusing situation.

What’s it like to choose between two men? I wouldn’t know. I can imagine it’s incredibly validating in like, a sick and unhealthy way, but awkward as fuck. I wonder if there was ever a proposition to live poly-amorously followed by a meek little, “JK!”

Mikhel and Jasmine

Mikhel is most definitely feeling the love from Bach Nation Canada today. A brokenhearted Mikhel driving away from Jasmine touched a lot of people. He was vulnerable, honest and literally copied word for word what most of us have said following a break-up. The tweets were pouring in from women and men everywhere who could empathize with Mikhel.

I feel empty inside despite finishing what was a great premiere season of The Bachelorette Canada. It’s kind of like eating a bunch of Chinese food and still feeling hungry. I need more. I need an After the Final Rose Pt 2: The After, AFTER show.

I’m a pop culture vulture who doesn’t want to pick at the scraps of this potential love carcass but times are tough and I obviously have too much time on my hands.

What do you think will happen next?

Would Jasmine pull a Mesnick? Would Mikhel give her a second chance?

If you can’t find love on television…where are you going to find it?


6 thoughts on “Bachelorette Canada Finale: Is Jasmine going to pull a Mesnick?

  1. I’m annoyed I know they’re human and deserve Privacy. But then don’t go on reality tv. Honestly I’m sure kevin peaced out like he proposes and she says yes then 6 months later still has feelings for someone else. Who wants to hear that ? He was probably incredibly hurt, and feels like he’s not enough or like he was the wrong choice.

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  2. Lol she was a little much but really I’m sure she’s not always like that . It’s her boy and she didn’t want to see him hurt and well was probably skeptical of the process. That sh*t shouldn’t faze her she’s not marrying the mom lol. Hell at this point I don’t think she’s marrying him 🙂
    I think Mikhel was sweet but I think she would have grown board of him quickly she didn’t seem to have the chemistry with him.

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